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Quick cash advance apps offer a fully digitized application process that can be completed on a web browser. Depending on your needs, you can receive funding the same day. Speedy payouts are possible with all platforms, though it is not guaranteed. Providers partner with lenders to make sure that you receive your money as quickly as possible. Customer service is also a key feature of all platforms. Some platforms offer dedicated customer support teams and others do not.


Chime is one of the best payday loan applications because it provides you with instant cash. Unlike traditional lenders, you can access your money the same day your employer deposits your pay check. The process is quick and easy, and you can request up to three cash advances per pay period. During your pay period, you can either repay the advance manually or automatically when you receive your next paycheck. You can also use Chime to request a second loan, should you need one.


For those of you who need cash in a hurry, Earnin is a great app. The app works with your bank account and allows you to borrow money when you need it. Once your next paycheck arrives, you repay the money. There are a few things you should know about Earnin before using it, however. Here are some of the most important things to consider before using this app. You should always be careful when giving out any personal information online, so you should be sure to keep this information safe.


The FlexWage app works like a traditional payday loan, but it gives employees access to the money they earn today before their next pay. You can use the app to sign up for OnDemand Pay or a Flex Pay card and receive the money instantly at the time of closeout. The Flex Pay card allows you to transfer cash to your bank account for free, and you can use it at any merchant that accepts Visa.


If you’re an employer, you should consider using DailyPay as one of your payday loan apps. It works much like Earnin, putting money into your account for every hour you work. You can then tap into this balance any time before payday and have the money transferred to your bank account. To be clear, the service charges a nominal $1.99 fee per transfer. If you want your money immediately, you can opt for the instant transfer for $2.99.


The top three payday loan apps all involve a combination of free service and a monthly fee. Depending on your employer, Even may offer free access to their platform or you may have to sign up for an employer account. Branch and Payactiv both require the employees to have an employer account to use their services. These services charge a monthly fee of $8 and require employees to be working at a participating company.

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