Tue. May 17th, 2022

The men leading Japan’s surprising sex recession are the Japanese themselves. It takes a lot of guts to admit that you’re having a problem with your sex life, but it is happening more in the Land of the Rising Sun. The fact is that Japan has one of the highest numbers of married men among the developed world. The reason for this is that the Japanese culture places a very high value on family and marriage and a lot of young people simply do not feel that they have the time or the social status to commit to a long-term relationship before they are fully financially secure.

The Japanese government is aware that Japan is facing an economic crisis and a lot of education and research has been put into devising ways for the Japanese to increase their sperm counts. One of the methods being tried is the so-called “Kegel exercises”. This exercise is a form of strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It is supposed to give you stronger control over ejaculations and can help you prolong your orgasm. Many doctors are now recommending this exercise to couples who are having trouble having children.

The average Japanese man is now spending twice as long having intercourse as in the past. There is a realisation that the traditional male role of “housewife” is no longer desirable. Many men are beginning to see that they can be successful in living the male role of “household king”. This may sound like an interesting idea but it must be realized that many of these new male couples will still have to be financially dependent upon their parents for the rest of their lives.

Japan has not suffered from a low birth rate per se as some other countries have. The number of women in employment is rising steadily, which is good news for couples who have a number of children already. The number of births has actually increased slightly from last year, although this may be due to an unusually high number of births caused by the winter. The low birth rate may well be affected by the number of premature births, underweight babies and couples having problems with fertility.

The weakening of the Japanese economy is also having an effect on men’s sexual activities. There was a time when a man could enjoy any sexual activity with any woman he wanted. Nowadays a man is expected to be a provider not only for his wife and children but also for his career. Many companies are now conducting gender-neutral hiring policies or are willing to hire both men and women in order to save money on having two separate employees. As a result it has become less acceptable for men to date outside of their family circle.

The number of marriages and divorces has also increased. The increasing number of divorces has had a negative impact on the Japanese economy in terms of lost output. The loss of output has meant there is now less cash to be spent on items such as cars and clothes. The Japanese people are now becoming busier more and spending their saved money on other things, which is resulting in them being less happy with their marriages and with their love lives.


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